Success Story:

Shannon McGorry
Founder of Love, Strength, and Grace

Shannon McGorry, founder of Love, Strength and Grace, is a women’s empowerment coach and speaker. Having lived firsthand through the question of “What’s Next?!” and the indescribable experience of divorce, she now helps other women walk their own road of redefinition, holding them accountable to their future. Shannon’s powerful coaching skills lead women toward lives of purpose, fulfillment, and joy!

Hear more about Shannon’s business and entrepreneurial journey below!

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Shannon's mission through Love, Strength and Grace, is to help women who are determined to reclaim their power, joy, and fulfillment.

In 2013, Shannon was faced with handling an unexpected divorce with two daughters. Instead of sinking into despair, she decided to accept her new reality and see it as an opportunity to rediscover herself. Shannon now empowers women, through Love, Strength, and Grace to create a life they love by:

  1. Getting them in alignment with who they are based on their values
  2. Helping them take intentional action to create the change in their lives which results in fulfillment. 
Shannon’s work as a women’s empowerment coach, she helps women who are experiencing the feeling of “What’s Next?!” 

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Before Shannon started working with us, she was treating her business, Love, Strength, and Grace, as a hobby and had fear holding her back. 

After eight months of mentorship and coaching with us, her business exploded. She…

  • Went from no clients to fully booked
  • Doubled her prices
  • Grew her email list by the thousands
  • Realized over $15k in sales within months
  • Did it all as a single mom with two young kids

I realize the impact of my gifts and talents and the way I am meant to follow our passion wholeheartedly. I have realized over $15,000 in sales" - Shannon

Shannon has worked with us as 1:1 Client and through our VIP Day packages. If you’re interested in working with Leah directly, join the waitlist below and we will reach out to you within 72 hours.

Hear Shannon share, in her own words, what 1:1 coaching has done for her business:

“Prior to working with Leah, I was treating my business as a hobby. I was feeling stressed because I was lacking the consistency that my business deserved. I had this inner knowing of what I was meant to do, but fear was holding me in a space where I was playing it safe. Now, after only 8 months of mentorship and coaching work with Leah, things are completely different. There’s clarity about my role as an entrepreneurship and the boundaries in my life. Leah offers amazing support, accountability, and true partnership with Leah. I realize the impact of my gifts and talents and the way I am meant to follow our passion wholeheartedly. Love, Strength, and Grace has realized over $15,000 in sales. I have become visible on social media, podcasts, in publications, and have established partnerships with law firms and networked with key professionals. I am thrilled to be continuing my work with Leah. She is an amazing woman with an sharp business mind, savvy technology sense, vibrant energy, and an incredible heart.”

Congratulations on all your success, Shannon!