Mastermind with Leah Gervais

Welcome to your next level

This mastermind program is designed to take online-based female entrepreneurs from their first few five figure months, to regular $20k months and beyond.

We’ve designed it specifically in response to the chaos of our current global realities. Over the next few months, you’ll find hidden money within your business, double (or triple) (or more) your income, grow with a community of powerful female entrepreneurs, and simply transform your business.

Welcome to the best program out there for finding hidden money in your business.

Having a glass of champagne at the beautiful Spire 73 outside in Downtown Los Angeles

Is this for you...?

  • You’re a full time entrepreneur. You’ve left your 9-5 life (or whatever the version of it was for you) and have 110% committed to a career of entrepreneurship.
  • Your income has impressed you. When starting your business, $5k- $10k months may have seemed far  away, but now you’ve been there, done that, but are ready for more.


  • You lead with service. Your business services are centered around how you can have the biggest impacts on your clients.


  •  You know your craft. You’re good at what you do, you’ve sold your services like a boss, and you’re ready to earn more for it.


  • You’re ready for multiple five figure months, consistently. Though you’re proud of all you’ve accomplished, you know there’s more, the ease, there’s abundance, out there waiting for you. You’re ready to claim it as yours. 

Plus! An intimate, luxury retreat

This mastermind is about making sure your business works to support your life. NOT to have a life where you’re a slave to the business and having your life structured around it.

Our mission is to help your vision come to life.
See how we do this below and the incredible success stories this mastermind has created. Will you be next? How good will you allow your life to get?

How good will you allow life to get?

Want to learn more? Apply to this program.
(There’s no catch and you have NOTHING to lose by reaching out).

If you could be a good fit, we’ll schedule a call with you to review the month-by-month curriculum with you. This mastermind is intentionally designed to help you get everything out of your business as possible- especially during this challenging global chapter. Learn all the secrets and strategies we’ll teach you on.

What to expect...

Our mastermind is a life-changing opportunity, and I don’t say this lightly.

Six figure (and up) business strategies

  • Finding hidden money in your business. During this unprecedented time, we’re doing a special deep dive into uncovering the income streams already alive that you’re not yet leveraging.
  • Advanced digital marketing strategies. Learn what helped me stand out in a saturated market… quickly. These marketing strategies are your best change in cutting through the very noisey online space.
  • Five figure launch strategy. I’ll directly help you create, plan, and execute the sale of your services.
Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' reflections on May!

Mindset for
ultimate success

  • You’re coached by me. The single most influential part of my journey to multiple six figures has been a strong mindset. With it, you literally can’t fail.
  • Your community. Putting yourself in the metaphorical room with other women who aren’t settling automatically uplevels your thinking.
  • I’m your corner. And I won’t let you fail. Period.
Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' tips on how to plan your online business in May!

Lifelong sisterhood and community

  • Like-minded women. You might have the best friends, partner, and family in the world, but there’s something entirely unique about connecting and creating with those in the ringer with you. 
  • Deep dive bonds. In our coaching calls, as your business grows, you will go through transformations with these women that no one else understands.
  • Laptop Lifestyle sisters. Never wait to go on a vacation again- you have fellow laptop lifestyle, six figure business owner BFFs a text and a flight away.

Results to expect...

  • A business generating multiple five figure months as you finish out 2020.
  • A business strategy that leads with service and compensates you for doing so.
  • A sisterhood with other women that’ll elevate your mindset and lifestyle.
  • An understanding of all that your business has to offer- even things you may have never thought of.

The details:

  • The dates. July 2020- December 2020. The current enrollment for this program is for the latter six months of the year. Please note that for the first time ever (in light of COVID-19) we do offer an option for you to only join for three months if six is too much of a commitment.

  • The coaching. We’ve specifically designed the logistics of the program to fit the busy entrepreneur. We’ve seen time and time again that our most successful clients do NOT need to spend their entire week on Zoom. We do bi-monthly business coaching calls with Leah where you go into your mindset, accountability, and implementation.

  • The teaching. As this particular cohort is focused on finding hidden money within your business, we have a two hour workshop on a specific strategy to do that at the beginning of every month. This is done via WORKSHOP, NOT modules. In other words, we’re not just flooding you with information you don’t have time to learn. We’re in there with you to make sure you’re focusing on the right things at the right time.

  • The investment. The investment varies depending on when you sign up and which level. It breaks down as an initial deposit and then monthly payments throughout the six months.

Want to learn more? Apply to this program.
(There’s no catch and you have NOTHING to lose by reaching out).

If you could be a good fit, we’ll schedule a call with you to review the month-by-month curriculum with you. This mastermind is intentionally designed to help you get everything out of your business as possible- especially during this challenging global chapter. Learn all the secrets and strategies we’ll teach you on.

hear from the mastermind alum

Best decision I ever made!

-Jacquie Smith, Holistic Nutrition Coach + Personal Trainer

Jacquie Smith is the founder of Little Adapts by Jax, Nutrition Coach. Hear about her entrepreneurial journey.

I signed up for the second program in a row with Leah, even at a higher level this time around, and it was the best decision I ever made. Working with her directly, I was able to hit my first $10k+ month in sales in the first month of the program. Leah always has great advice and responds very quickly whenever I have questions about launching, client push back, etc. It’s also amazing as her direct support has really changed my mindset by helping me to push through my fears and celebrate all of my wins throughout the program. She truly is an amazing business coach having her in my ear every step of the way has been life changing. Working with her has changed me and my business!

It's incredibly freeing and creative

Tanya Neufeld, Ads and Marketing Strategist

Tanya Neufeld

A little over a year ago before I joined Leah’s programs, I felt trapped and disillusioned in my cushy corporate tech job. I knew I wanted to work for myself, but I had no idea where to start or even if I was cut out for entrepreneurship.
9 months after starting my online business under Leah’s guidance, I was able to quit my 9-5 with $5K months, have gone on to make five-figure months and most importantly of all, I can choose where and with whom I work. It’s incredibly freeing and creative.
Since quitting, I have been to pursue my passion of yoga spending a month in India, I have started a podcast and hired two wonderful team members to keep building my business.

Working with Leah was the best thing that happen to me all year!

- Ines Schuber, Health and Nutrition Coach

Ines Schuber

Before: When I first wanted to start my entrepreneurial journey, I knew I wanted to create something online but I had no clue how to go about it, no strategy in place and was a bit overwhelmed.

After: Working with Leah has given me the inspiration and the proof that I could create an online business around my 9-5 job and live off my passion for food and fitness. Thanks to her I have launched several programs and built a community that I am proud of, and that enabled me to quit my 9-5 and backpack through South America while working on my business!

Traveling full-time without any stress about money

- Anna McNaught, Founder of Anna


Before: 2 years ago I was working a 9-5 job and living in LA unsure of what was next with my career and business.

After: Now, I’m working for myself, traveling full time with my husband, and making money doing the things I love most. I’ve been able to spend the past few months traveling without feeling stressed about money, begin a new business with my husband, and wake up each morning ready to conquer the day.

I sold my first e-book and obtained an email list

- Aimee Cabakoff, Sustainability Influencer


Before: Before I started working with Leah in the mastermind I was a bit lost on how to scale my business. I am a front-end influencer and wanted to move to the entrepreneurship side of things and offer consulting services and programs. I didn’t know anything about an email list and the value of it. I didn’t know how to navigate the back-end of my business with opt-ins and tripwires etc and how that could lead to higher ticket offerings.

After: Now I am able to take everything that I learned and keep moving forward. My email list is growing, I am able to convert organic traffic with Facebook ads and people are seeing me as a valuable resource. In the course, I sold my first e-book and obtained an email list, but most importantly now think bigger than what I was previously doing. I highly recommend this course because I definitely would not be here today if it wasn’t for the support and community in the mastermind.

I love being able to work from anywhere

Dawn Leas, Author, Writing Coach, and Copywriter

Dawn Leas, The Hammock Writer

Before: When I first started my business, I often got stuck in dreaming/planning modes, worried about failing, and feared technology tools I didn’t know how to use.

Dawn: After working with Leah, both in groups and 1:1, I take action more quickly, see failures as learning opportunities, and have conquered most of my tech overwhelm (or hired someone to help)! Now, I love being able to work from anywhere at any time, can’t wait to get up each day to work, and recently had one of my best months yet while helping my mom recover from surgery. I love Leah’s passion for entrepreneurship and her drive to make sure her clients have an easier road to success. She has a quick mind and a big heart and definitely cares about building community and success beyond her own.

Leah has been hands down, the best decision I made for my business.

- Zeina Marrush, Coach Women Moving through Heartbreak

ZeinaMarrush0012 (2)

Leah lit my soul on fire and I knew I had to work with her. It has been hands down, the best decision I made for my business and the value she consistently provides has far surpassed the investment cost to work with her. She continually inspires me, challenges me, pushes me, and motivates me and I can’t imagine being where I am in my business today without her support. Leah has helped me build my business from an idea to a thriving brand. Building a business has its challenges and in those tough moments Leah has been there to see my ugly cry (several times) and offer words of encouragement, which I really appreciate. I feel like I’m not just working with a business coach, but I’m working with a good friend as well. If you’re looking for a sign that you should work with Leah, this is the sign. Do it!!”