Self Marketing

Have you ever thought of a VIP coaching day? My clients love them for obvious reasons. They get to achieve much more then they thought. Are you ready?

    If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I’ve been doing some different VIP days with clients lately around the Northeast. They’ve been amazing! So, I wanted to share a bit of behind-the-scenes about VIP days!

We are in the age of the personal brand. Nearly every single successful brand is growing as such because of the personal stories woven within them.  Here’s how to raise your personal brand game! New to personal branding? Check out these 9 Ways to Begin Personal Branding.

Personal branding is more important (but more fun!) than ever. You don't have to be an entrepreneur or CEO to work on branding. This is a simple investment in your future. Click through for simple ways to begin marking yourself today.

Personal branding has become more accessible, easier, and important than ever with the emergence of technology, our digital footprints, and our quickly changing economy. Personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself, your skills and your strengths. It’s exciting because it allows you to be your own brand and, in a way, your own business …

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